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Waterfowl hunting has since been passed down from one generation to the next over the past years. LCF Calls Founder & Owner Thomas Webber remembers the days spent in the field, on the lake and in the marsh hunting with his father and uncles at the early age of 8 years old. Since then, a passion grew to now what is known as Lake Champlain Flyway Calls. Hence, this is where the name LCF (Lake Champlain Flyway) originated from while sitting down with a long time friend and hunting partner.

Growing up on and around Lake Champlain, which has been described as the sixth largest lake in the United States, has offered many opportunities to chase waterfowl. Being the backbone and home of where most of the waterfowl hunting not only started since 8 years of age but still remains, LCF Calls is what it grew to be.


Established back in 2018, in a shed making custom calls and learning the art to now offering an acrylic product line of calls. LCF Calls has since grown and still holds close the  core values of why we all love to chase waterfowl. From the memories and laughs to the hot blind breakfast ,or the sight and sound as you watch nature wake up in front of you. To seeing your summer time training sessions pay off while watching the dogs be in their glory. To the whistling wings above as you wait with 'Eyes to the Sky and your Guns at the Ready' for ever anticipating the word "Cut Em, Take Em"......

For us it's our calling,

For us, It's our Way of Life!

                                                                                    LCF Calls


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